Our team is guided by Nordic business values: transparency, long-term relationships, equality
Here are the main values that guide us at work:

- Industrial: we have a long-term view of value creation - far beyond ownership horizon. We build long term relationships with customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders.

- High ethics: we are respectful and we believe in integrity and transparency. We have respect for each other.

- Dedicated and ambitious: we adhere to the highest professional standards in everything we do.

- Entrepreneurial: we are innovative and we have global mindset. We are action oriented and we have a sense of urgency about driving change.

- Informal: we are non-hierarchical and transparent. Everyone is encouraged and expected to speak their mind.

- Equality: we believe in modern non-hierarchical relations. People and companies grow with responsibility and we have high belief of individuals, no matter gender, nationality and background.

- Share the future: we believe in sustainability and we also believe in serving a higher purpose and continuously contribute to a better world.